Super Rugby is simple, just KISS

Last updated 07:00 18/07/2014
ma'a nonu

INTERNATIONAL: All Black games still hold my attention, but as it stands, the Super competition needs work.

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If I could send one message to the rugby bosses it would be KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. 

I've been a lifelong rugby fan and used to never miss a match, regardless of the competition. But over the last few years my viewing habits have changed.

I will never miss an All Blacks match. I watch most Wellington games in the NPC, but Super rugby? I can take it or leave it.

It's got to the point where I can count the full games I've watched this year on one hand. I'm bored, and it pains me to say it. The break this year for the England series was a joke.

The competition is just so fragmented and it's too long. It's bad enough having the South African timezone to take into account, but now we're looking at Singapore or Japan and expanding to 18 teams? Give me a break.

Good luck getting the players to create a competitive team and good luck getting the crowds to turn up in those locations.

I miss the early days of Super Rugby where the top four teams from the NPC qualified for the Super 10 competition. If I had things my way I would simplify things and go back to three divisions of New Zealand rugby with promotion-relegation battles and the teams playing each other once.

I would disband the franchises and the top two to three from the top/premier NPC division would qualify for a Champions League/Heineken Cup style competition - a short knockout tournament to find a Southern Hemisphere champion. Imagine seeing the likes of Taranaki taking on Western Province. Ah, the good old days!

Ultimately it would create a shorter season for the players and provincial pride would be restored. 

Let's go back to basics. It's time to ditch the current format.

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