Job cuts: Can't live the dream in NZ

Last updated 05:00 19/05/2013
SAVING AGAIN: After leaving New Zealand, Sharron Orpwood is able to save money again.

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I decided about five years ago to leave New Zealand and look for work overseas. New Zealand was fast becoming a place where living the dream was becoming an impossibility.

High taxes, low wages, small savings made it harder to climb the ladder, despite how much experience you had and the qualifications you held. Owning your own home has become a dream not a reality.

Job cuts have affected so many, and some have even lost their homes. My husband had a reasonable stable job in a factory, which provided us with a good standard of living, but very little in savings.

Before moving overseas I looked around for jobs and applied for a few, but I was realistic; I was in a very tough job market.

The Government has done very little to make more jobs available, then sits there and wonders why there is a brain drain. Well, go figure.

I personally have not been affected by job cuts, but know many who have, and are not fortunate enough to have the resources available to move to a country where jobs are available.

By leaving my friends and family behind I have managed to pay my bills, save money, and once again live the dream. Unfortunately that dream will not be lived in New Zealand.

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