Getting a job is like winning lotto

Last updated 05:00 22/08/2013

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Job cuts: Have you been affected?

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In this Stuff Nation assignment, our readers talk about how job cuts have affected them, and what it's like looking for a job. John Murphy says it's tough out there.

On a regular basis we're hearing that more jobs cuts are coming soon.

I'm told there are jobs out there, but I get every job alerts from all the employment agencies and WINZ, along with checking Trade Me jobs, noticeboards and asking around.

I should be told there is a job but it's the same response - there are no jobs at present and we don't know if we will still be operating here in six months time.

If there are jobs going and I'm fortunate to have one, it's newspaper and junk mail runs designed to give me a little bit more money until I get a proper job.

I've read every book my local library has on getting jobs and job interviews. Education to me seems to count for nothing.

I've decided that getting a job is like winning lotto. It's very rare and my chances are very slim. The recent welfare reforms into a job focus scheme is a filler if there are no jobs out there.

I'm better off buying a lotto ticket than applying for a job.

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