Thanks for having my back, KiwiSaver

Last updated 05:00 26/06/2014

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Thanks for having my back, KiwiSaver Save for yourselves, Kiwis Make KiwiSaver progressive KiwiSaver needs a self-manage option KiwiSaver: You'll lose my vote

We asked Stuff Nation readers to share their views on the KiwiSaver system. Chels Dale says, cheers to it.

Dear KiwiSaver, 

Happy 7th birthday for July 1, and thank you for being in my life. 

These days, nobody my age knows how to really save. Everything is instant gratification and blaming someone else for misfortune. There's a benefit for this and a subsidy for that. Who needs to save? They say.

KiwiSaver, when I started my first job seven years ago as a whimsical 16 year-old, I was so excited to see my contributions to you each week on my pay slips.

According to the calculator, I will have saved over $300,000 towards a 15-20 year retirement and a deposit on my first home.

Never did I ever think I would own my own home. Thanks to you, I am confident I will be able to save enough to put towards a deposit, bumped up by my Kiwisaver contributions.

I have been through some tough times, losing my job and then choosing to go back to study, even with secondary tax on my two part-time jobs I am able to make contributions to keep you growing.

I do struggle to pay my bills and keep food on the table, but I am happy with the current options of two and four per cent. 

I think everyone should have you in their lives. 

Who knows if the government will be able to look after me when I'm 90 and completely marbles?



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