NZ a 'pseudo-democracy'

Last updated 05:00 12/07/2013
Prime Minister John Key

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Every democracy needs a strong opposition, something New Zealand has lacked since 2008.

A strong opposition helps keep the ruling party in check. It gives 'on the fence' voters real options at the polling booth.

Right now New Zealanders are living in a pseudo-democracy. We have elections, we have other political parties, but who can really go against the National juggernaut and stand a chance?

Labour flip-flops on leadership and constant coup rumours leave the party weak and starving for real support.

The John Key National government is now able to mess up and get away with it. Illegal spying, privacy leaks, Novopay, Skycity, apparent cronyism and constant amnesia should be putting the public off National. Instead John Key is one of the most popular prime ministers in New Zealand's history. Even if he tries to pass every law under urgency.

Labours problem is that they are trying to find the new Helen Clark. Constantly looking back to better times for the left and shuffling the same old guard around the caucus. Labour needs to pick a confident young man or woman as leader and stand behind them 100 per cent. David Shearer could have been a good leader if he had been given the chance, however personal ambition within the party ruined any chance he ever had of ever being Prime Minister.

Labour's loss in popularity is the Green's gain and they are now being seen as a good alternative by average Kiwis to the two old dogs. They have shaken off the hippie/tree hugging stereotype and become much more ambitious. If their trend continuous we could well have a Green PM leading a coalition government within a decade.

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