Time to ditch nuclear-free

Last updated 15:00 19/07/2013

LET THEM IN: Allowing nuclear-powered and armed ships into our waters may even lead to a free trade deal with the USA, like Australia has.

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We've asked our readers to share their views on New Zealand politics, and what they would do if they were in power.

Here's Michael Alexander's plan:

1. Stop selling state assets.

2. Limit foreign ownership of land.

3. Allow immigration for skilled workers, and if they plan to settle in New Zealand, then they can buy property.

4. Somehow make New Zealand realise they're not a cut above the rest. New Zealand does not recognise many skilled workers because their skills apparently do not match ours, when this is simply not true. The list includes trades people as well as medical people.

5. From the early stages of high school direct kids who are non-academic to trades and apprenticeships, while making university more accessible and affordable for those more suited to that line of career. Switzerland does this - university is incredibly cheap for its citizens, and they do not have a shortage of tradespeople like a lot of developed places do.

6. For the apprenticeships to work, we need tax breaks for employers. The apprentices should have to sign on to work for a set amount of time at the firm before moving on. During this time they would get an appropriate wage.

7. Impose a national water treatment/monitoring system. It seems that at present each council does things its own way - I'm not too sure about this one but what I do know is that I cannot swim in most of the rivers I used to growing up due to pollution.

8. Plan a highway project to make two lane highways from Invercargill to Auckland. This would be a long term project of 20 - 30 years and would employ a lot of people.

9. Britain is about the same size as us and has 60 million people, yet we are beyond affordable for the average Kiwi family. I'm not sure what the solution is but we've got so much space we should utilise some of it.

10. Open up some of our mineral resources.

11. Allow American ships that are nuclear-powered and armed to use our ports. We really do need allies in this increasingly dangerous world. We need some friends, and while everyone loves to complain about the USA, do you really think all those other nations are all so guilt free? It may even lead to a free trade deal with the USA, like Australia has.

12. I would like to find out the pros and cons of a New Zealand-Australian single currency.

13. Make referendums binding. For example, in Switzerland the local Muslims wanted to build some minarets in Bern, but the local people voted no, and while the rest of the world called that racist, the local people felt that minarets were simply not part of the style of the city. Regardless of what the real reason was, the people truly have the power.

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14. Increase taxes on strong alcohol such as spirits and those RTDs that go down ridiculously easy. Keep beer and wine the same.

15. Increase drinking age to 20, or we could have a referendum and let the people decide.  

16. Farming: We seem to be getting more extreme weather, but we may need to find ways to protect the workers of the land. New Zealand really is special in that we could be completely self sufficient if the need arose.

17. Make gang-houses illegal and bulldoze them. Introduce a New Zealand equivalent of Jessica's law - a law used introduced to most USA states that imposes a minimum 25 year non-parole jail term for child rapists.

18. Install more CCTV to city centres for reducing crime.

19. Create a long term plan for continually increasing renewable power resources with dams, tidal power, wind farms, solar. This wouldn't be an instant fix, but more an ongoing project.

This is about it for a start. I'm sure there will be many faults found with my views, but I'm open to discussion.

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