Life Stories: Miss you Dad

Last updated 12:05 21/02/2013
Kellie Langford
ALWAYS A LAUGH: Kellie Langford remembers her Dad as loving joker.

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Seeing Dad die on December 15, 2010, is a memory I will never be able to erase.

We found out he had esophagus cancer only three and a half months before he passed, and having to watch him get thinner, tired and unable to eat was horrible to bear.

He never wanted to go and when I asked him if he was scared, he answered 'yes', and that still hurts.

We were lucky to be able to say goodbye, but it was hard to watch him at his weakest point.

To see a tear run down his face and tell us he loved us was heartbreaking.

I found it hard afterwards to go on as I do not believe in God and heaven, so I was upset not knowing where he was and if he was okay.

Time has made it easier, but I still feel like I will never be truly happy again and that I will always carry this sadness.

He was the best dad ever, he really was. When I was little, he used to make me laugh when he would dance to the music on the radio or pretend he never knew me, I used to find this hilarious.

Funny the memories you remember. He was a good friend, husband, uncle and granddad.

It's sad to think he will never see my children grow up, but they will always know how wonderful he truly was.

You will forever be in my heart Dad.

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