Loved ones remembered: My hero, my wife

Last updated 14:30 22/02/2013

HERO: Martin Daly and his wife, Linda.

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My wife Linda and I were married for 14 years. We had a wonderful marriage and two great boys.

She was first diagnosed with melanoma when she was pregnant with our youngest. She had a growth removed and they said if it came back it would be within five years. 

Eleven years later, and three weeks before we were booked to go to Croatia (soon after its war with Serbia), it came back, in the lymph system. We were going to a church there to work with heroine addicts, as well as a lot of youth affected by the war.

We were devastated with our bad news. Both crying, I said it was up to her if she wanted us to stay or go. We had planned this for 10 years, she said, "we're going".

We were only there for six months but our work made a huge impact on the youth, church and community.

We knew that when we brought our boys back, that it was most probably going to be a battle for Linda's health and life. She suffered horribly for far too long. All the way through, as a pastor, she loved and cared for people as much as she could, in spite of her suffering.

I was feeding her yoghurt for breakfast on our wedding anniversary, she soon feel asleep after and drifted off in to a coma, which she never came out of. She passed away peacefully three days later. She was 40 years old. 

She was, and is, my hero.

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