Facebook made me feel inadequate

Last updated 05:00 28/05/2014

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What I did like about Facebook was the ease at which I could keep in touch with friends and family overseas.

My list of the dislikes though is much longer.

People who post picturess themselves sitting in a restaurant, in a park, with friends, out at a club, driving a car, and the list goes on, it creates a false envy.

It's perceived that this person's life is far more fun and fulfilling than your own, and it makes the recipient feel inadequate and a lot of the time lonely and sad.

It fills your head with images and one liner comments that are ultimately meaningless and sometimes very hurtful.

It doesn't enrich my life, it doesn't make me feel good, in fact it makes me feel like I'm missing out because I'm here and not with them involved with their activity.

It makes me think I would be happier or better off if I was doing that activity with them.

But here I sit, looking in on all these peoples lives and not actually involved with their lives.

So I try to contribute and make others see that my life is fun and interesting.

I post a pic of myself of sitting in a restaurant, in a park, out at a club or driving a car.

I show these people that Facebook calls friends who don't really know me nor really care about my life, but what fulfilment and happiness do I get out of doing this? I couldn't find one reason.

I quit Facebook and I don't miss it.

I'm much happier and better off without it; I no longer feel the pang of inadequacy that it was making me feel.

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