Loving thy neighbour, or not

The best neighbours, ever

neighb strap

Ben Blackwell lives in a house of young Kiwis in Melbourne, and says his neighbours from Tasmania are amazing.

When the Mob moved in

mongrel mob

A lovely old lady used to live next door. Then she moved into a home and my Mob nightmare began.

Quake broke down prejudices

quake neighbours

I had decided my neighbour was a complete tosser and we'd never be friends. How wrong I was.

Blessed with best neighbours

My neighbours give their hearts, their home, their leftovers, their hand-me-downs, and their love.

Selling up due to neighbours

real estate

When we first looked at the house, the owners stated that the neighbours were lovely and considerate. Wrong.

Lloyd, a legendary neighbour

Wellington houses, generic, homes

We extended the olive branch, and he bridged the gap between the young and the old.