Selling up due to our neighbours

Last updated 09:11 07/05/2014

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Loving thy neighbour, or not

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When we first looked at the house and spoke to the owner, who is a policeman, they stated that the neighbours were lovely and considerate, I thought great we'd finally found a place that we can afford in Auckland.

It was in a location close to my employment and near kindergartens and primary schools, which was another bonus.

So we bought it, and moved in.

Within the first week we had to ask the neighbours to move their or their family's cars from the driveway, a right of way.

Then we started noticing that they didn't get up until about 10am or 11am, but stayed up to about 2an or 3am most nights, including their 10-year-old.

Then it was a guy working on cars until 2am, clanging and banging away, then out would come the cannabis and there would be the laughing and yahooing and the smoke drifting over to our place.

I spoke to them on numerous occasions about not blocking the drive as it stopped me getting into my property.

They always basically told me tough, and that no one had complained to them before so it was my problem.

I finally found out who the owner was and called them.

They didn't really care as they were elderly and the tenants were paying the rent.

I called the real estate company that managed it and advised them of the situation and that if they did not remedy it I'd be forced to take legal action.

It settled down for a while but has now gone back to how it was before, with the inclusion of their family and friends now trying to intimidate us.

The real estate company is a joke and have no regard for my family being able to enjoy unfettered access to our property without harassment.

My neighbours do not work but are both in their early 30s, have two cars, a boat and numerous other "toys", yet are beneficiaries.

We don't talk to them any more which suits me fine.

It has now gotten to the point where enough is enough and we'll be selling soon. So do I tell prospective buyers about them or do I tell them all is rosy like the previous owner did?

I've been advised to keep it as a rental but I would hate to have tenants like them!

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