Blessed to have these neighbours

Last updated 13:00 15/05/2014

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Loving thy neighbour, or not

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I have amazing neighbours. The best.

I'm going to give you the shortish version of exactly why they are amazing.

Three years ago I gave birth to a gorgeous little baby, and my life was turned upside down.

Here I was in my late 30s, with two teenagers, facing life as a single parent. Everything I had never planned to happen was now happening.

Around this time an opportunity came up for my children and me to live in a rural location, next door to people that I sort of knew but didn't know well.

These people, who shall remain nameless, are the main reason why today I am confident, successful and in love with my life as a single parent.

My neighbours have embraced my children and me in their lives like no other.

They are our family every day. They are there in good times and bad.

They give not only the best gifts in the world for birthdays and Christmas, they give their hearts, their home, their leftovers, their hand-me-downs, their love, compassion and understanding to us every minute of the day and night.

They are always on the end of the phone when I need them.

They have driven me to the hospital at 1 o'clock in the morning on a weekend when my baby had a high temperature.

They are amazing. Without them in our lives, we would not be as rich, happy, confident or loved.

We are truly blessed to have met and shared with such great people.

I love them, my children love them and my baby absolutely adores them.

The only thing I often wish is that I could do more for them, give them more, surprise them, just to say "thank you and we love you".

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