When the Mob moved in next door

Last updated 05:02 28/05/2014

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When I first bought my house in this rural town nine years ago, there was a lovely old lady living next door in one of those 1950s stucco places.

About a month after I moved in, her family moved her into a home.

The house was empty for a few weeks, then a lady turned up one day with a "friend" and they loaded several mattresses into the house plus sundry other goods, including a widescreen television.

Two weeks later the Mongrel Mob moved in.

At first I decided to be tolerant and friendly. That didn't last.

The place became party central with parties nearly every night - luckily during the day it was quiet, presumably because they were all sleeping the night off.

Their favourite party trick was throwing beer bottles and cans onto my roof during the night.

Some other near neighbours and I were nearly going nuts with the behaviour.

I called the police one night, only to be told that if the Mongrel Mob is involved, they don't turn up unless there are two or more of them.

This nightmare lasted for three years and they moved on, only to drive someone else nuts.

Then, a month later, a huge family turned up with six children, four adults and two more adults sleeping on a mattress in the garage. All this in a tiny two-bedroom house.

One of the adults decided running a motor vehicle repair business on the property would be a good idea.

The place started looking like an abandoned car wrecking yard. People were turning up with their cars all day and half the night.

They set up huge spotlights in the back yard so they could work at night. The kids used the backyard for a toilet and ran wild.

Despite numerous complaints to the property manager and the council - who said "What's your problem? He is trying to make a living" - the nightmare continued.

After three years, they moved. The house was sold to a lovely chap from Auckland who is renovating it.

I can now hear the birds singing and the silence is deafening. Every now and again he rings me and says "Are you OK?".

I have been cooking for him just to make damned sure he stays put!

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