Just like a puppy, only 56kgs

Last updated 05:00 15/06/2014
Busta Singh
BIG BOY: Busta Singh stands guard.
Danny Wu Zoom
Meet Esperanza (Essie) the Bernese mountain dog. She's been a sucker for cuddles from day one, though she's significantly bigger now.

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Busta Singh is a very playful 7-year-old boy.

Weighing in at a healthy 56kg, he's still just as jovial as when he was a puppy.

Busta is a tall, dark and very handsome rottweiler/bull mastiff cross who is spoiled daily with home cooked meals - with a secret ingredient to keep his coat shiny and healthy.

At times, Busta can prove to be a handful to walk, generating an abundance of torque with his low centre of gravity. He has broken many collars and leashes and now goes for walks with an industrial strength chain.

Discipline has proven key and we are lucky he is very obedient and would never hurt a fly.

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