Mega pets: From puppy to giant

Last updated 05:00 19/06/2014

LIVING UP TO NAME: The hole Magic escaped through - he weighed 50kg at the time.

THOSE EYES: How could we resist? Magic at three-months-old.
LAP DOG: Magic still loves curling up for a cuddle.

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Black Magic was an adorable three-month-old puppy when we picked him up from the local pound.

In the early days he was cute and easy, toilet training was a breeze and he loved sitting on our laps having a cuddle.

Little did we know what was to come!

Over time Magic grew bigger and bigger - we had been told he was a Lab cross and it soon became clear that the x is possibly a Great Dane! We're hoping he is fully grown now - aged three-and-a-half, he tips the scales at 53kg.

But it's not his size that is the problem with our lovely, affectionate Black Magic, it was his desire to escape and people's reactions if he went running down the road.

First he learned to slide the ranchslider door open. Then he learned to "bump" the lock on the ranchslider and would gallivant through the house and out the front door.

Next was the back gate - he threw himself against it until he broke it down.

We nailed it shut. He broke it down again.

We screwed it shut. He learnt to unlatch a separate gate.

We added a bolt to it. He learnt to climb the fence.

We made a pen for him. He climbed out of the pen.

We made the pen higher. He chewed his way out through the wooden gate and squeezed through an impossible hole.

It turns out Magic was an appropriate name because whatever we put in place, he magically figured out a way to escape.

Now we finally have him contained, the worst thing he does is steal socks, sometimes up to a dozen a day.

But for all his little faults we wouldn't be without our gorgeous dog who cries if we go for a run without him, curls up like a cat on our daughter's bed and still loves sitting in our lap for a cuddle. He's happiest when he's hanging out with us - he really is man's best friend.

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