Mega pets: Jethro Tull

Last updated 05:00 21/06/2014
Rob G

JETHRO TULL: At over a metre long, this is a cat of significant size.

Danny Wu Zoom
Meet Esperanza (Essie) the Bernese mountain dog. She's been a sucker for cuddles from day one, though she's significantly bigger now.

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My cat Jethro Tull is a huge 6-year-old male Maine coon.

He measures 110 centimetres from nose to tail and stands nearly 40cm high at his back. 

He is very inquisitive, and has a huge scratching pole with attached beam that spans the living room ceiling. This is where he likes to hang around, surveying his kingdom. 

He can often be found guarding his biscuit barrel and does not hesitate to knock it over and help himself if he has to wait any length of time, yet he is no fatty.

His hobbies are late night hunts (often bringing home live rats to play with then present to his dad), eating catnip and lazing in the sun.

Jethro shares our house with four other cats and a dog.

We would not be without him, he is a true gentle giant and we love him to bits.

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