Cricket World Cup needs the minnows

Last updated 05:00 25/02/2015
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SMASHING IT: 'Minnows' Scotland almost bowled out New Zealand defending only a modest 142.

Minnows: Cricket World Cup fillers or giant killers?

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Minnows: Cricket World Cup fillers or giant killers?

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Does the ICC wish to grow cricket as a worldwide game or does it wish to retain a limited club which will ultimately see the demise of this wonderful game?

We see it now with only limited games being on Freeview as cricket, like most codes, chases the dollar at the expense of the grassroots supporters. 

I fondly remember days and nights of getting up to watch our national teams play and looking out the window at the lights around the neighbourhood as supporters were also watching.  

Now a lot of young kids are not getting that opportunity. It seems to have an effect on society and it's not a positive one. 

I read they want to cut the teams so the competition doesn't drag out so long, a change from two pools to four would achieve this. With eight top ranked countries, two in each pool with a few 'minnows' and we would have a spectacle. Just like other codes' world series.

I suspect as long as the traditionalists in India hold power then any threat to their powerbase will be cut away. 

The advent of 50 overs and T20 have improved cricketing skills by showing players that the traditional skillset was limiting them and that they could hit the ball hard and score quickly so more games get a result instead of dragging to a tedious draw. 

Forward-thinking administrators need to be encouraged and luddites shuffled aside. 

Then the beautiful game will expand worldwide and, hopefully, the financial manipulators will be relegated to bean counting rather than setting policies based on the dollar. 

What do you think of the minnows in the World Cup? Are they fillers or do they deserve the chance to make history?

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