Smoking bans won't stop me

Last updated 15:00 25/07/2013
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SMOKE HOUSE: Many cities are putting in place bans on smoking in public places.

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My stand on smoking bans

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We've asked our readers to share their views on smoke-free policies in NZ.

I'm a smoker of about 15 years. I understand there are a lot more non-smokers than smokers. But I'm going to just put it out there, I love smoking. 

Some people will say "but you're killing yourself and others around" or "but you're wasting so much money". It's my money to waste and we are all going to die anyway.

If you are going to ban smoking in outdoor public places, you need to ban smoking full stop.

I know myself and many other smokers are still going to light up, knowing that there is no punishment. If the Auckland council was serious about this, there would be some type of punishment it could enforce, but there's not.

To say that New Zealand will be smoke-free by 2025, well, that's laughable at best. The Government takes so much money in taxes from smokes.

I can already hear the outcry: "But what about all the heath care you require when you get sick?". With the price rise and further price rises to come, there has to be surplus cash. They will just keep increasing the price, making it unaffordable for kids to start, but allowing older people to keep buying if they can afford or choose to.

To take that tax revenue out and ban it? I can't see it happening.

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