Smoking bans won't stop addicts

Last updated 05:00 31/07/2013
BANS WON'T WORK: Melissa Beets doubts smoking bans would deter smokers from lighting up.

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Are bans on smoking in public places in New Zealand a good idea? Our readers give their views.

I had been a smoker for nearly 25 years, but have now been smokefree for one year and I feel so much better for it.

My husband is still a smoker and placing a ban on smoking will not deter him from to lighting up. Having known what the mental thinking of a smoker is, banning it will more than likely be of no importance to a smoker.

Thankfully we are Hamiltonians and not from Auckland, but if the ban was to come here I really doubt it would stop people from smoking in public places.

Smoking is an addiction, and while it may be a problem for others who do not smoke, this alone will not stop a smoker in a public place.

If we travel anywhere as soon as the car is stopped he is out lighting up, at my son's Saturday morning soccer games, he's lighting up as we walk across the field. Telling a nictone addict that they should stop smoking in public places so that children do not see or others do not get offended? Yeah, right. 

I believe all the efforts that the Government is making with raising tax and all the help that has offered is falling on deaf ears.

A smoker will only give up smoking if it is of their own free will, and no amount of banning, raising of taxes or smoke-free advertising will make a difference.

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