Smoking 'adversely affects all'

Last updated 05:00 28/07/2013
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NOT OUR FUTURE: Dave Bisset supports restricting smoking in public areas.

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In this day and age no one is completely an island on their own who can take actions which have no effect on other people.

Reckless actions such as driving too fast, or in a dangerous manner have the potential to adversely affect other people directly. Likewise indulging in activities like smoking and drug taking (including alcohol) all have the potential to affect others involuntarily. Our culture has developed norms which allow those deemed to be mature enough to consume alcohol and enjoy this in a civilised way.

Unfortunately, the age which it has now been lowered to has proven that the responsible use threshold has well and truly been crossed. This has led to many youthful fatalities and much trauma throughout society.

Smoking has now been confirmed as a health risk of major proportions, leading to many premature deaths.

The cost of much of the ill health has to be shared by the wider community, not only just in monetary terms but also in use of medical facilities, staff and utilities. This means that the freedom and choice to smoke adversely affects all of the population, not just the smoker. Consequently if a community chooses to limit the opportunity for this carnage to continue, it is my belief that they have the right to do so.

I support restricting smoking in public places.

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