Smoking bans 'ridiculousness in the extreme'

Last updated 05:00 02/08/2013

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Our readers share their views on smoking bans in public places.

All of a sudden, it's time to pick on the smokers again.

The Government has no right to apply bans to a health risk product while at the same time condoning its manufacture and sale and tax collection all around the country.

The day cigarette manufacture and sales are banned in this country is the day that any restrictions can be placed on smokers.

I can see it all now, next thing there will be fines, and look at that, another revenue generator for the Government.

Wake up New Zealand. The Government's stance on smoking is that it's OK. It must be, otherwise they wouldn't allow its production and sale. Simple, really.

How will the non-smokers be able to have their lung cancer treated if they can no longer draw on the funds that the smokers pay into the lung cancer treatment fund via the taxes on cigarettes?

Are they going to ban us from basking in the sunshine too? Fine us for standing out of the shade?

Ridiculousness at its extreme.

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