Kiwi bodies: Fatties love too

Last updated 12:30 04/09/2013
Jacqui Crossley Mateara

FEELING BETTER: Jacqui on the left in early December 2012, three months after her fibroid was removed.

Jacqui with her husband. That wasn't just her tummy, that was the 11 x 10 x 9 cm fibroid she was carrying around.

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In our "My thoughts on my body" assignment, our readers share their personal body image stories. Jacqui Crossley Mateara's story is one of big love.

I am 163cm tall and weigh 86kg. According to BMI standards I am morbidly obese. Go figure. My bust and hip measurements are in proportion and my waist is Ok. I like my face, my eyes, my hair ,etc. What I don't like is being labelled fat.

When I stand next to my twin sister, yes, I am, after all she is at least 6cm taller than me and has way longer legs. I am not blaming my Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome for all of my troubles, just some of them. It isn't something that can be overcome with diet and exercise. Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled, but exercising for six days a week, up to three times a day, and not losing any weight should have been the eye opener. It wasn't.

I carry my weight not around my arms or my shoulders or even on my back. It hangs like a pendulum just under my belly button and goes to the top of my scar (laparotomy). I would like it all sucked away or my scar fixed properly so the fat can redistribute more evenly.

I love me for my humour, my caring and my generosity. My friends love me for that too. I like and love the way that faces light up when I do make the effort to dress nicely and smile at the same time. It is all about feeling good and looking great, as the saying goes.

What I don't like is the fact that most fashion houses do not cater for oddly shaped figures. I decided to up market my image and tried The Carpenter's Daughter. Wouldn't you know it, I am too small for their clothing. I do not have a gigantic bust to go with my size. I am in proportion. I have tried TS, etc. I just don't have the boobs for their fashion. Madcat was fantastic. It doesn't date, stays in style, is elegant and wearable. So why are there not more shops like that around? After all if I am made round to go round why not look great doing it?

That is my simple story. Fatties do love too.

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