Pets of the day: The cat-astrophe committee

Last updated 05:00 31/03/2017
Cats bath

Daily planning meetings for wreaking havoc are conducted in the bath.

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The three members of the cat-astrophe committee are Annie (3), Bebe (1) and Henry (7).

Annie is a blue point Siamese, Bebe is a long-haired Devon Rex, and Henry is Devon Rex with a “kittler” - he’s a cat with a Hitler moustache. The Devons’ naturally curly coat is their main claim to fame. 

Annie and Henry are international travellers. Henry has travelled from New Zealand to Perth and back, while Annie has “only” made the journey coming over.
Jeannie, the shy kitten
Biff, the wine expert
Dodo, my fetch-obsessed best friend
Charley, the social butterfly
Bebe likes to paddle. When she hears the bath water running she leaps in and plays with the water.
Henry’s main interest in life is food, to which end he has learned to open the pantry.
Annie specialises in looking elegant and lady-like, and then doing something atrocious when my back is turned, often involving an attack on my knitting wool. 
My cats have active lives but are confined to their own property by a cat-proof fence. My trees have collars so they can look at the birds, but not touch. The Committee has voted on this and concluded It’s Not Fair! Management is unmoved on this issue. 

Pets can be awesome for many reasons and we'd love to hear all about yours.

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