Pet of the day: Pake, our bitsa (bits of this, that, the other)

Last updated 05:00 17/05/2017

Who could resist that adorable face?

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We found our bundle of joy under the car one morning before going to work.

She was skinny, almost bald, and immediately rolled on her back with a face that said “don't hurt me”.

We got her fixed, chipped, inoculated and brought her home. It very quickly became clear her name would be Pake (short for Pakeha, just like me).

We installed dog doors so she can rid the backyard of those pesky squirrels. It’s her favourite activity.

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She sleeps on a sheepskin between us and every change we make is for her benefit.

We lucked out in the found dog department and couldn't be happier. She's great with kids, other animals (squirrels aside) and is loved by all she meets.

We no longer have carpet as she chewed it all up, along with furniture and kitchen cabinets. We’re very glad the proper puppy stage is over - but she still looks and acts like one, even though we’ve had her for three years now.

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