Pet of the day: Majestic Matilda

Last updated 05:00 19/05/2017

Occasionally Matilda deigns to stop grooming herself long enough to pose for a photo.

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Meet Matilda, our beautiful silver Norwegian Forest Cat.

Matilda joined the family to be with her younger biological brother, Neeson after the sudden passing of his twin sister, Francie.

We were heartbroken after the loss of Francie and felt an immediate gap in the family. Matilda was the perfect candidate to fill the house with more love again!

Matilda is almost two years old and is just as much of a princess as you'd assume her to be.

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Her natural beauty, striking eyes and interesting markings bring her a lot of attention and helped make her a star of many cat shows in the past. 

Matilda has the most loving and loyal personality, and has well and truly chosen me as her human, following me around the house and demanding pats and attention - even at 4am!

She adores Neeson (named after my favourite actor, Liam Neeson) and they are firm best friends

Both cats bring us so much happiness and we can't imagine life without them!

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