Pet of the day: Wonderful Mr Woo

Last updated 05:00 16/06/2017
Mr Woo

Best friends Ash and Mr Woo zonked out on a blanket together.

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My name is Mr Woo and I am 6 years old.

I am a shih tzu poodle cross and I'm world famous in my suburb (as much as L&P is in Paeroa).

I love big dogs and small people - I'm always in awe of their height - but I'm also pretty smitten with teacup dogs.

My best friend is our cat, Ash, who has a blue Russian temperament. I'm quite a social being, both with pets and people.

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Ash and I once got into the pantry and rolled the pebble bag all the way down the stairwell. We both ran away when the bag split open - it gave us a huge fright. We are partners in crime.

I'm quite inquisitive and a very fast learner, and my favourite outing is to the dog park.

I own a cache of kiddy toys, and if you give me a toy when you visit, the next time I see you I will find that exact toy and give it back to you so we can play together.

Here's a photo of me and my favourite bone. If it squeaks, it's going to be added to my toy box. 

I love giving and receiving gifts, and I'm very good at opening Christmas presents on my own. 

My owner recently gave me a fresh bone and I did the right thing ... I brought it back inside and hid it under her pillow for when she went to bed. Surprise!

Often people comment that I am a very "happy, proud dog", when they see me out walking with my owner. I've even been called "handsome".

I am absolutely petrified of fireworks or loud noises. I shake terribly, so please spare a thought for me and other animals, particularly during Guy Fawkes season.

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