Pets of the day: My crazy shadows

Last updated 05:00 20/06/2017

Walkies? Go on then.

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I love animals and I worship my own. My three best mates are always right next me - even when I walk the dog, the cats always follow.

Roxy is a 5-year-old Maltese, and my loyal work colleague. She comes to work with me every day caring for the elderly. They save her the odd bit of sausage or bone and she takes over their house as a way of saying thank you.

Then there's my big possum cat named Fatboy. Everyone loves him - he has a fan club. 

His favourite pastimes are running up and down the stairs at 4am, and guarding the food bowl. Obviously. He’s on a strict diet at the moment though, which means he's losing the plot.


Keeping Kylie warm
Wonderful Mr Woo
Destined to be together
Dorothy, the princess

Next there’s my exquisite Siamese, head cat Whizz - short for "the wizard". He was already named when he was given to me. He is my shadow - my crazy, crazy little Whizz.

He claws at your face if he wants your attention and gets jealous if I'm patting the other cats or dog. His main purpose in life is to be worshipped by me and I'm happy to oblige.


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