Pet of the day: Lulu, people pleaser and poser

Last updated 05:00 21/06/2017

Lulu knows how to work a camera.

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Lulu is a 1-year-old Bichon Frise. She is the most adorable member of the family and loves cuddles.

She also loves belly scratches and gladly rolls over at the slightest suggestion of a petting. She is a very smart dog, good with her training, and picks up tricks really easily.

Although she’s not one for long walks (she gets easily tired - or she’s just plain lazy), she loves a good day at the beach. I must admit though, walks on the beach for Lulu mainly focus on getting belly scratches from strangers rather than playing with other dogs. She is very submissive to other dogs and would prefer to hang out with humans; this is why we think she could have been the runt of her litter.

Anyway, Lulu is very much a people pleaser; she’s learnt to pose whenever there is a camera as she knows it makes us all very happy.

My crazy shadows
* Keeping Kylie warm
Wonderful Mr Woo
Destined to be together

She fits perfectly with the family and even has her own spot on the couch. She knows when it's bedtime as she will lead everyone to the bedrooms.

Lulu is the best dog, in my opinion. And who can resist those adorable eyes?

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