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Last updated 10:30 17/03/2014

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NZ election: school of politics

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What needs to happen in education policy to win your vote this election? Judy Johannessen wants to give our schools back to the teachers.

It amazes me how politics in education has become such an important issue.

In my mind, politics should not be involved in education at all, unless it is a cross-party decision worked through by all parties for the best outcomes for our students.

As things stand today, one political party and ACT have tried to make changes in education.

Our students are treated like political footballs. They are experimented on with untried and poorly researched standards.

The teachers are being treated as if they don't know anything about education.

It appals me that people making decisions about our education system have never been in charge of a classroom and do not understand how fortunate we are having teachers who are passionate about their pupils' learning.

A teacher does not choose his/her vocation to make money. Teachers want to make a difference for children because they care about them. They want to work collaboratively for the best outcomes for their students.

They don't want to compete with their colleagues to get extra pay!

I predict all the changes made by the present government will not raise our standards one bit, mainly because creative, passionate teachers will leave the profession.

Fantastic teachers are the ones who find exciting ways to motivate reluctant students. If teachers cannot do this because of all the restraints put upon them, they will lose their passion.

Who wants to follow the book where children are being labelled as below, at, or above the level, after only one year at school?

Why can a baby crawl or walk at his own rate of development without being put into a category and yet five years later he is graded for his ability? I find that really bizarre.

Many of the students I have taught, especially boys, who are now university graduates, would have not attained the standard because frankly they were not ready for structured learning.

I will vote for the party that will allow schools and principals to make collaborative decisions for their pupils without political interference.

I want to see charter schools closed down.

I want to see national standards wiped for at least the first three years of schooling and I want to see that schools that need more assistance with struggling pupils get the resources required.

Cross-party decisions from Government are required so that our students aren't tossed about like political footballs.

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What is happening in our schools at the moment is shameful. 

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