Teacher-student ratio 'unacceptable'

Last updated 12:35 19/03/2014

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NZ election: school of politics

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Education is one of the biggest issues in this year's election.

We asked our readers to share their views on education policy and what changes would win their vote.

I have recently taken my child out of a public school to enrol in a private school because of the class structure and teacher-to-student ratio.

His Year 5 class had moved to an open-plan learning environment where up to three classes were in the same big area.

It was always noisy and not very well controlled (from what I have witnessed).

There were effectively two teachers roaming the area but the noise and distractions from such a self-managed environment were not conducive to my child's learning style. He needs structure and quiet.

I see this move to open-plan learning as a cop-out - two teachers looking after about 70 children.

When I expressed my concerns, I was simply told that 30-plus children per teacher was normal.

I didn't think that was acceptable. The whole point of enrolling our child in a semi-rural school was the smaller class sizes.

That amount of children-to-teacher time wouldn't be as much of an issue if the learning environment wasn't so chaotic. I felt they were simply crowd controlling the kids, not teaching.

So, we have made the decision to pay for his education so he can have the structured, quiet and controlled environment he so very much needs at his 9 years of age.

What would I like changed in education in New Zealand? I'd like the teacher-student ratios back at a manageable level and to go back to structured learning environments. 

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