NZ Film Festival review: Locke

Last updated 10:01 04/08/2014
Tom Hardy

CALL WAITING: Tom Hardy finds new ways to hold your attention in Locke.

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NZ Film Festival: Send us your reviews

Film review: Hill of Freedom Alive Inside 'powerful and moving' NZ Film Festival review: Locke

The description of this movie's setting and plot was intriguing: just one man, in his car, making and receiving phone calls during a single trip at night.

Having now seen it, I don't want to say too much, except this: the film delivered. The unfolding drama would have been enough in itself, an unguessable story well-told and well-paced.

The visuals, unexpectedly, had their own appeal to add; I don't mean that it was stunning, but I admire the artistry that can work within such a narrow scope - one person, one confined setting - without letting it appear even slightly strained or absurd.

And lastly, I believe I enjoyed the opportunity to let my own imagination build up impressions of the other characters, who only ever appear as voices on the phone. I don't think the voice-actors got a mention in the festival catalogue, which is rather a shame; whoever they were, they became as real and individual as the man in the car. 

Oh, and there's the character who not only doesn't appear, but has no name and no lines to deliver. He makes and receives no calls. But he's there, and he's important.

I won't explain. You'll know, when he first turns up, just how much of what is happening points back at him.

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