Two years of sleepless nights

Last updated 05:00 09/06/2014

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Our baby won't stop crying

Two years in 'total despair' at son's reflux Baby's reflux was 'longest endurance test' Baby boy vomited 20 times a day It's time to take reflux seriously When exhaustion is the norm Reflux robbed us of baby joy Baby could not eat or drink for a year Six months, covered in vomit Tube feeding traumatised our daughter Two years of sleepless nights

Our daughter was only a few days old when she cried incessantly for several hours and we had to rush her to Starship emergency.

After doing a few tests and examining her, they said she had reflux and it would get better.

From that day on our life has been a rocky road.

She turned 2 at the start of this week and not much has changed.

We were asked to give her a few spoons of water to help her settle down. and that she could never sleep on her back.

Nothing would calm her down other than me or her father holding her and rocking her to sleep.

No one could tell us what was wrong with her.

She was always a spilly baby but her projectile vomiting started at four months. It got progressively worse and every time we would rush her to emergency they would tell us she had tummy bug.

There is not a place in the house or her car seat she has not vomited on. Our friend's place, airports, Eden Park, on the plane, you name it, she has christened that place with her vomit.

After a lot of struggle and relentlessly trying to be heard, we are now under care at Starship, but with no results yet.

I can't remember a single night we have all slept through.

Being so ill and in pain so often, she struggles to sleep by herself or sleep properly.

It breaks my heart to see her go through test after test and hospital visits, and cry in pain.

It is a really tough road for parents like us to go through it.

Since it is not a terminal illness, not many people understand how something like chronic vomiting or a child that suffers from something that you don't know, can cripple your life.

Being far away from family, the struggle seems longer and harder.

My heart goes out to parents who have it hard with their little ones that are not a 100 percent.

We are grateful for friends who support us. But there are times it feels like a lonely place where only you and your little one know the pain.

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