Teen sex: My sons will be prepared

Last updated 05:00 07/02/2014

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STDs, morning after pills, abortion and teen pregnancy - those are subjects I hope neither of my sons ever have to deal with.

I also hope that their partner never has to deal with any of that either.

These common consequences of unprotected sex are the reason that I will allow my children to have sex in my home after they are 16.

I've even thought of encouragements to assist at school such as "keep up your grades and (insert girlfriend's name here) can stay over on the weekends".

I plan to provide lots of condoms too.

I have already had (age-appropriate) conversations with my sns about how babies are born and when the time comes I will also have conversations with them about sex, STD's, masturbation, drugs, pregnancy, etc.

My plan is to be open and humorous at times during difficult conversations so they feel comfortable enough to come to me should there be something difficult and embarrassing to talk about.

Whether we like it or not, our children will one day have sex.

I have chosen to ignore how squirmy it makes me feel that my babies will one day be doing the bump n' grind with a young lass I may not like.

But they're his "bits". I don't and can't chose who he wants to put his bits with.

But I can do my best to make sure he covers his bits, knows the consequences of not covering his bits and provide him with a private place to do the dirty so the words "I don't have a condom..." never have to leave his mouth.

He will always have a condom and have his own private room in which to do the deeds.

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