A driver who went the extra mile

Last updated 05:00 18/01/2014

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We're celebrating random acts of kindness in our community. Kate Moffat wants to say thanks to a bus driver from 40 years ago.

Holly's story about the North Shore bus driver reminded me of many years ago when my brother and I caught a Birkenhead Transport Bus from Willowpark Primary School home to our family home in Glenfield (now called Hillcrest).

I was at primary school some 40 years ago.

We boarded the bus for the last day of the school year loaded up with books, finished projects, and pictures, knowing that we would have to carry our huge load to walk from the bus stop to home. It wasn't really that far but it seemed like miles as a little child.

Warwick was the bus driver and he had been the bus driver for Mum for many years - he knew us as her children.

He helped us on to the bus and drove us on the usual route home. But instead stopping at the stop at the top of the road, he carried on down the road and delivered us to the driveway at home.

He helped us unload our things and carried them to Mum, who was waiting for us with a very surprised look on her face.

Imagine being told that the reason he helped us was because "your kids are good kids" rather than a complaint about bad behaviour.

Warwick would have been in his 40s way back then so I doubt he is even still alive.

His was a random act of kindness from 40 or more years ago that I still remember.

Thank you Warwick from Birkenhead Transport and your old Bedford bus.

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