Random acts of kindness: Petrol paid

Last updated 10:00 12/02/2014

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We asked our readers to help celebrate random acts of kindness in their community. Donna Hunt found a helping hand, and wallet, in a time of need.

Years ago when I was a single mum to a newborn and finding things financally hard, a stranger did something really kind for me.

I'd put $15 petrol in my car at the local petrol station and my card was declined. I didn't have an alternative way to pay, unfortunately.

The young girl behind the counter was no help, apparently the manager wasn't about.

My daughter was crying. I was stressed beyond belief. And then a lovely lady offered to pay for the petrol.

I gave her all my details and made her promise to drop by and get the money the next day. She never came.

I often think of this lady, although so grateful, I never thought at the time to get her details, all I know was she was a taxi driver, possibly named Sandy.

I'll never forget her kindness a decade on and like to think I've paid it forward since then.

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