Rape in NZ: Join the debate

Men need to fix rape culture


We can’t expect women to keep making themselves vulnerable to "teach" a change in behaviour.

Teach boys how to treat girls


Sexism isn't just a problem for women, it's also a problem for men.

'Vile post' not 'rape culture'


Jumping to conclusions about a few Wellington College boys is unfair.

Is this the society we want?

Pamela Geller

We are learning in our society that to stay safe we must live in fear, Kara Greening writes.

Rape: 'The real offenders'

Rape culture

What we need to realise is the majority of rapists are people similar to us, says James McKellar.

'The justice system failed me'

Sexual violence

After being sexually abused for years, the justice system failed me and it's failing others too.

How did rape become a joke?


Rape left me feeling dirty, broken and shunned by those I trusted. What's funny about that?

Challenging the silence


Getting the needs of male victims of sexual violence recognised has been a 17-year issue in NZ.

'Myths' about rape culture

roast busters

The Roast Busters scandal led to 'open season on men' around the country, Rachel Rolston writes.

'The system forgot me'


I was raped at 14. Now 25, I'm a very different person than I would have otherwise been.

'Completely and utterly broken'


I don't know if I could call myself lucky, but for me, the justice system did work.

Kiwi bloke needs a 'do-over'



To fight the rape culture in this country we need to teach teenage boys that real men respect women.

'He got to keep his silence'

Arrest, arrested, handcuffs

Court is a truly horrible experience for us survivors. I hate the term victim. I am a survivor.

I was raped, he went free

Sexual violence

I am one of the 99 out of 100 women who did not get justice following a rape.

Living in a rape 'crisis'

Rape victim

The word rape still has the capacity to make people close their ears and mentally switch off.

NZ 'not great' to rape victims

Rape victim

I was raped just over a year ago. But I would never go to the police about it.

Living 'without a voice'

Child abuse

Why is there a rape culture in New Zealand? Because there are people in power who don't listen.

Society shapes 'rape culture'

Roast Busters protest

I feel sorry for the young boys involved in the Roast Busters furore, Sarah Habershon writes.

Why I never reported my rape

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

I was too ashamed to tell anyone and I was scared of the repercussions.