Marmite winners: March 14

Last updated 05:01 14/03/2013
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STOCK UP: What will you do with your first taste of Marmite?

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Readers' Reports - Black gold rush: Win a jar of Marmite

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We've got nine jars of Marmite to give away before it hits the shelves next week and our readers have been telling us what they would do with their first taste of the black gold.

Entries have been coming in thick and fast (just like you want to spread it on your hot toast - we know). So far we have learned that Marmite desperation is at critical levels across the nation, and given the chance, you guys will spread it on some pretty freaky stuff.

Our first three winners from yesterday are: Kayla Whittle, Jenni Beresford and Jo Prigmore. Congrats! Kayla wanted to give her son his first taste of Marmite (how could we deprive him?), Jenni will be cranking her Marmighty egg recipe, and Jo is generously giving hers to a desperate and obsessed work mate. Read their submissions below.

If you entered yesterday, fear not, your entry may still be picked to win in the next couple of days.

For competition details and how to enter, click here or on the big green button below.

Kayla Whittle: When we get our first jar of Marmite I will be sparing myself (for 10 minutes) and giving the first taste to our 16-month-old son on toast. He has never tasted Marmite before in his life!

I would have loved to have given it to him as his first spread on toast or crackers but by the time he was old enough for food, none of the stuff could be found anywhere. I can't wait to pass the favourite spread I was raised on down to my own kids - I didn't think it would be so hard to do!

I hope he likes it as much as the rest of his family :)

Jenni BeresfordIt may sound a tad unusual, but don't knock this until you've tried it for yourself - Marmite on toast topped with two poached eggs and a little salt and pepper. It is amazing!

The first time I ever tried this was by complete fluke, my friend made me breakfast one morning after a night out without telling me, therefore not giving me a chance to refuse this odd combination.

Tasting it was a bit of a shock, as this was a new and exotic flavour to me, but it was just so, so good! I fell in love with this dish, making it every two days at least.

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When Marmite was no longer available, I gave it up because without Marmite, I saw no point. I miss this meal so much!! I was lucky enough to find an unopened Movemeber tube (Marmite edition) one day cleaning out my pantry and making this meal was the first thing I did. I literally stopped mid-clean and made my so badly missed favourite meal. People should definitely try this, I have converted my entire family.

Jo Prigmore:  As someone who grew up in the UK I am loyal to their Marmite, sorry. However, our receptionist at work, Jenny Noble, absolutely loves Marmite. She has crispbreads every day with a smear of butter and Marmite. Over the last couple of months she has had progressively thinner and thinner smears of the black stuff.

She has cleaned every single person out of any spare stores they mentioned, this includes finding and taking her mother-in-law's secret stash! Even one of our grumpiest workers took pity on her and gave her half a jar.

If I won the Marmite I would sneak out to buy butter and a cheesy loaf and would get them pre-prepared with the Marmite. I would show Jen the jar but not let her have it before relenting and letting her have the cheesy bread.

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