Marmite winners: March 15

Last updated 05:01 15/03/2013

BLACK GOLD: What will you do with your first taste of Marmite?

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Readers' Reports - Black gold rush: Win a jar of Marmite

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Ok, this Marmite competition it hotting up like a piece of buttered toast just crying out to be spread. It turns out you Marmite lovers will do anything for, and anything with, your black gold fix.

We've got nine jars of Marmite to give away before it hits the shelves next week and our readers have been telling us what they would do with their first taste of the black gold.

Today's winners impressed us with their creativity and heart - Marty Sebire, whose daughter wrote him an amazing Marmite song, Faye Taylor, who wrote us a poem, and Susan Morton, who needs it for a birthday surprise (which we may have just ruined).

We still have three jars to give away. For competition details and how to enter, click here or on the big green button below. 

Marty Sebire: I'd share my Mmmmmmmmmarmite with my daughter, who wrote me a song about my infatuation. We'd have 'paleface toast' - lightly toasted bread, dripping with butter and a smear of Marmite.


Faye Taylor:

"I have a jar of Marmite!"

What a marvellous sound

I'll go to work with a smile

And spread the news around

I'll buy loaves of Vogel's

and layer it on thick

When I have toast in the morning

I'll gobble it quick.

I'll lather it on salty crackers

with slices of tasty cheese

And when I've eaten five

I'll eat five more with ease.

I'll clean a shelf in my pantry

So the Marmite will reign

As the king of tinned veg and pasta

At the top of the food chain.

And when I'm not peckish

I'll simply cradle the jar

While I'm watching telly

It can meet the Shorty Street stars.

When I squeeze the sides

I'm never short on fun

The black stuff inside falls and rises

More gloriously than the setting sun.

But of one thing you can be certain

The one thing that has to be done

When I have my precious Marmite

I won't be sharing it with anyone.

Susan Morton: I was asking my husband of eight years what he would like for his 40th birthday on March 20. He replied - a jar of Marmite.  So I aim to bake a loaf of bread and when it is still warm, cut off the crust, spread it with a little marg and slap on some black gold.  

There is nothing like it - typing this makes my mouth water.  

He hasn't asked for anything else so I am desperate to win him a jar - what better memory could he have than winning a jar on the day it is released for sale once more.  BRING IT ON!!  Marmite, not 40 I mean!

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