Marmite winner: Caught black pawed

Last updated 10:11 20/03/2013
Buddy O'Riley

BUDDY O'RILEY: Caught with his paws in the Marmite jar.

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Laura Munford was one of our Marmite competition winners with her particularly creative Marmite doughnut recipe. But when she rushed home to savour her prize, her dog Buddy O'Riley had beaten her to it. She posted this letter and photo on our Facebook page.

I won your recent comp by telling you how I would eat my Marmite the moment I had my hands on it....

Well, my heart was broken when I got home today. Apparently, my darling beagle obviously loves Marmite more than me and he decided that while I was at work, he'd help by kindly opening up my package, opening up the delicious jar of Marmite, and having a good old munch on MY Marmite (which I have been craving for).

As I caught him in the front yard licking the jar, he saw me by the corner of his eyes and lay down. He covered the jar by resting his head on it as if to say, "It's mine, back off."

Well, he was soooo super cute, how could I get too upset with him? So, back inside I go, with my half eaten jar of Marmite, deeply considering the most hygienic and dignifying way in which to have some of the leftovers...hmmmm

Maybe I'll just wait till the 20th...

Thank you very much, though.

My dog loved his present!

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