If I was Prime Minister I'd make NZ sustainable

Last updated 15:34 27/02/2013
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New Zealand has a (now wrongfully earned) reputation of being green. We are fast becoming just as polluted as other places in the world.

New Zealand is rich in natural resources country and full of people with ingenuity and integrity.

If I was Prime Minister, my vision for New Zealand would be a genetically modified organism (GMO) free zone, totally organic, no fluoridated water and a focus on being sustainable.

The world knows we are a special place, they all want our clean meat and clean dairy, but soon we will be as bad as the USA, feeding GMO grains and corn to our animals, forcing vaccinations on children and fluoridating our water.

New Zealand needs to hold on to its resources, like clean fresh water, because there is a world shortage.

We should not allow anything that denigrates our clean land further, such as oil drilling and mining. We should instead focus on clean energy. What is more important, money or the earth?

The current Government wastes too much money and does not care about the things that are important.

We need to adopt stricter rules on food manufacturing.

People should be encouraged to be self-sustainable, instead of penalised. There should be more freedom of choice of foods - things such as raw milk, which are vilified by the dairy industry, should be the person's choice to consume it or not.

There should be a focus on disease prevention, instead of the net at the bottom of the cliff approach.

This country needs a massive overhaul. Its people need to stop being so apathetic.

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