Auckland: My livable city

Last updated 05:00 27/06/2014
Lal Perera

LOVE MY CITY: The view of the Sky tower from the Auckland Domain.

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Reasons why Auckland rules

Auckland: My livable city Auckland is home - and I love it Retirees loving Auckland life

Auckland is home to me and my family since we migrated to this beautiful country 14 years ago.

I really do not have a strong reason why we stopped here and not Wellington Christchurch or Dunedin but thanks God we did!

Not that I don't like those cities, but I have all the reasons up my sleeve to say Auckland is the most fantastic city to live in New Zealand.

My main love is for the awesome weather and beaches.

On a clear blue sky day, be it summer or winter, you got an endless list of fun activities.

Auckland's beaches are so beautiful, from the long white sandy Orewa Beach, turquoise shallow Waitemata Harbour to deep blue Rangitoto Island.

I can see why Auckland gets a pretty bad rap being the biggest city with its traffic and congestion.

Hey, have you been in a car in London, Bangkok or Tokyo streets?

And most people do not know that Auckland boasts of hundreds of scenic regional parks, not to mention over 4000 local and sports parks.

Who wouldn't be surprised at the tranquillity among the rolling green fields or giant trees of Auckland Domain, right here in the heart of the city which also hosts the majestic War Memorial museum?

Or take a 10-minute ride to the Cornwall Park and climb up One Tree Hill to get a bird's eye view of the entire city.

The grandiose of historical Devonport is just a hop over the Harbour Bridge.

If Auckland is the beautiful long neck of NZ, then the glittering pearl necklace is the Waiheke Island. It is such an amazing place to take a short break and relax at tranquil beaches, Oneroa village cafes, cycling country roads or visit world class vineyards, just a half an hour ferry ride away from the central city.

I am not surprised of Auckland's premier ranking in the world's best liveable cities list.

Contrary to what the rest of the country perceives, Auckland is not at all second to Wellington in art and culture or cafes. In fact we have the best.

From contemporary gallery exhibitions, to public art installations or theatre performances, you'll be really impressed and inspired by Auckland's central city arts scene.

Most of the time Auckland is the only city in NZ to host world-class musicians and artists.

We have a fantastic community full of vibrant spirits who engage in so many sports, art, cultural and social activities.

The diversity of ethnicity is so awesome that it is not unusual for me to do business with at least twenty or thirty different ethnicities in a usual work day.

This may be the reason why I find the most diversified food and café culture in Auckland rather than any other city in NZ.

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All in all I am so glad I chose to live in Auckland. I am pretty sure that I will come back to Auckland to live, wherever else I may go to work.

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