Mao Mao, the great sponge hunter

Last updated 10:30 18/07/2014

KING KITTY: Mao Mao lazing around on his cat tree.

RESCUED: Hide and seek with Mao Mao is too easy.

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It took me a year and a half of volunteering at the Cats in Need Trust before I adopted Mao Mao.

One day in April 2013, the trust received a call about a kitten found at the Wintergarden Cafe, so my partner and I went to bring the kitten back to the shelter.

He was a tiny, black kitten who was all skin and bones underneath his matted fluffy coat.

Yvonne Brown, from the trust, helped nurse him back to health and we fostered him as a kitten.

Aside from my partner and I, Yvonne was the only other person Mao Mao trusted.

When it came time to bring him back to the shelter, Mao Mao had changed from being an incredibly shy boy who would face the wall instead of facing people, to a cheeky boy who was learning new things every day.

He likes to sleep on my pillow and during the night he'll slowly kick me off the pillow until he has it all to himself.

He has also became a great sponge hunter, often jumping into the sink and dragging the horrible sponge back to the bedroom.

We couldn't give him up then, and now he has moved to Sydney with us.

Moving to Sydney meant we couldn't volunteer at the Cats in Need Trust anymore and knowing that Yvonne works at the shelter from 4am every day and works another job in the evening, made it that much harder to leave.

We're returning to New Zealand at the end of September for graduation and will definitely be spending time at the trust.

We would love to be able to give something back, because Yvonne's dedication to rescuing cats is the reason cats like Mao Mao get a second chance.

For my 22nd birthday I'm asking for nothing but for people to give $2 each to the Cats in Need Trust on Give a Little.

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