Rescue pets: Waiting for a family

Last updated 05:00 29/04/2013

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Readers who have adopted rescue pets share their stories.

We are the bridge between death row and a happily ever after. Dogs of all breeds end up in the pound through no fault of their own.

Myself and a few families dotted around Hawke's Bay, foster dogs rescued from death row. We take them into our homes, give them love and routine and teach them as much as we can about being a loved family pet. From there the dogs wait, sometimes as long as six months for the right family to come along.

Each dog comes with idiosyncrasies, the only clues we have to piece together their lives priior to foster care. My current foster Baloo, a two-year-old huntaway cross, is scared of bathrooms and ceiling fans.

Baloo was rescued from the pound on January 26. For the two days following, the smile never left his face. It became apparent that Baloo had been tied up for most of his life, he walked straight into the glass sliding doors twice, and he didn't even know how to take food from a hand.

Two months down the track, with a lot of hard work and patience, Baloo understands more about life as a family dog. He attends dog obedience, and likes long walks at the park and hot chips.

Baloo is still waiting for his adoptive family to come along. Somebody who will love him as much as we do and who will continue to show Baloo how a dog should be treated. In return, this family will get a loyal loving dog who will make them laugh for hours on end with his antics and loud personality.

A little bit of my heart goes with every foster dog I have, once they find their home. When Baloo finally finds his home, another dog will be rescued from the pound to share our home and the hard work will begin again.

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