Rescue pets: Healing kitten

Last updated 12:00 29/04/2013

SAVIOUR: Pip (looking at the camera) and her pal Mouse.

Pip (looking at the camera) and her pal Mouse

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My cat, Pip, was four months old when I adopted her. She had been living in a foster home with many other cats and was adorable.

The foster family didn't know her background at all, but said she was pretty friendly for a rescue kitten. They told me she wasn't much to look at but purred like a trooper, which she does indeed! She bonded with me the instant I picked her up, she didn't want to be put back down again, that's when I knew she was mine.

I wanted to adopt a kitten after going through a difficult time personally and needed some cheering up. She continues to do this very well. She is extremely affectionate, happy and chatty. She gets on with everyone in the flat and absolutely adores the other cat in the house. They are pretty inseparable most the time.

The kitten I gave a home really did save me from a dark place.

She is not the first rescue cat I have had. We found my childhood cat when she was about a year old. She wandered into our life and never left. She was another really affectionate and vocal cat that never left my side. Sadly, she passed away last year after living a fairly long life.

I definitely wouldn't hesitate in adopting rescue animals. It's so rewarding both in giving a pet another chance and the love they give you in return.

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