Rescue pets: Brotherly love

Last updated 05:00 14/05/2013
cat brothers
Douglas, back, and George cuddle on the couch.

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My husband and I are big fans of rescuing animals from shelters.

It's a wonderful opportunity to help out an animal in need and the adoption fee costs less than a pet store charges.

We have four cats: two from the Cats Protection League (CPL), one from Cat Rescue, and one from Feline Friends. 

The two kitties (brothers) we adopted from the CPL have a special story which I'd like to share.

Looking around at the cats at CPL we found a few we liked but they had been reserved by other people.

The woman showing us around said they had two difficult cats that I might be interested in (I think they saw me coming). 

When I met them they touched my heart, even though my introduction to George was a hiss coming from a pile of blankets and Douglas was more interested in hiding than making small talk.

They joined our family in August and after lots of love and patience they have blossomed into loving, happy cats. 

George, who spent a few weeks hissing and scratching at us, now happily curls up on our laps for cuddles. He also loves lying in front of the fire and started to play once he got used to us.

His brother, Douglas, who used to spend all his time and energy hiding, now plays and lounges around and absolutely adores my husband.

We're so happy that we were able to provide a happy home for George and Douglas.

We would do it all over again because our love and patience have yielded a wonderful result and we now have a couple of terrific cats that not only warm our laps but our hearts too.

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