Rescue pets: Best $50 we ever spent

Last updated 12:00 28/05/2013

CUTE: Ralph when he was a puppy.

BEST MATES: Ralph and Ramone sleep together every night.

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A year ago we decided to adopt a dog. 

We looked online but soon decided to get one from a shelter so we could save a life.

When we got to the shelter I was overcome with sadness because there were not only puppies but a lot of older dogs that I knew would never find homes. 

We would have got an older dog but we thought at least with a puppy you can control what it is exposed to. Also, we lived on a lifestyle block and it would be awful if a dog chased our horses.

As soon as we got to the first cage we knew we had found our dog.

There were two little puppies curled up together. We chose the male and named him Ralph.

Ralph settled in well. He aced puppy school and is the most obedient dog.

Our friends call him our "golden child" because he stays with us all the time and is so well behaved.

Shortly after we adopted Ralph, he found a wild cat who had been living in our barn and brought him up to the house. We decided to keep him and we called him Ramone. 

Ralph and Ramone are the best of friends and sleep in the same bed every night. Ralph even washes Ramone's face in the morning and at night before they go to bed.

If I was to get another dog, I would go back to a shelter. We have the best dog in the world and he cost us $50. He is the best investment we have ever made.

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