Rescue Pets: How Pebbles picked us

Last updated 13:30 07/06/2013
Ben Rice

Pebbles charging her batteries.

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My wife and I had always wanted to adopt a kitten, and when we moved into our first house together we made it a reality.

We went to the SPCA in Mangere. Walking along the outside of the glass-walled rooms at the ARC we started playing "catch the finger" with a ginger kitten on the window ledge. That's when Pebbles entered our lives.

She launched herself at my finger from a nearby chair. But a kitten doesn't understand the concept of "glass" very well, and promptly cannoned into the window. Dazed, she fell backwards off the ledge, dragging the ginger kitten as she went. That was enough for us.

She's a runt, has patchy colouring and a slight splay in her rear legs. But to us, she is perfect. She was dumped with her sister in a garbage bin in Papatoetoe, found by locals and picked up by the SPCA.

We've had her for six years now and cannot imagine life without her. She is very talkative, affectionate, always at home ready to greet us as we walk in the door (then promptly falling over for a belly rub) and enjoys assisting with such household chores as gardening, bed making and my wife's school marking. She is also attracted to sunlight, so much so I've wondered whether she is solar powered.

She made such an impression on us we became foster carers for the SPCA ourselves, mainly kittens. We've had over a dozen litters through, each met with indifference from Pebbles, but such a rewarding task is worth partitioning the household for a couple of weeks.

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