Rescue pets: Baz the rescued rescue dog

Last updated 06:00 17/06/2013
RESCUE(D) DOG: Baz works as an avalanche rescue dog.

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I adopted a dog in 2008 from DogWatch in Christchurch. His name is Bazil and he's a blue heeler/Staffi.

A couple of months after I got him we shifted down to Wanaka for a season in the snow.

My flatmate Richie and I were eating dinner when Richie says, "hey bro, isn't that your dog on TV?".

I looked over my shoulder to see a guy walking Baz down the road in a guide dog harness and said, "looks like him doesn't it?"

They went into a shop and Baz instantly leaped up to the counter sending lollies flying everywhere.

"Yup, that's Baz alright!"

The show was Campbell Live and the story was about Travis Hardy, who was blind, but having issues getting a guide dog. He was trying to train Baz but Baz has a very strong mind of his own. Basically Bazil was made out to be an uncontrollable dog. 

However, since I saw this article and got a little insight into Baz's history, I have been able to train him to be obedient (ish) and to locate people and items that have been buried in the snow. The Avalanche Search and Rescue for LandSAR Dogs became an operational team last year and it was one of the proudest moments of my life.

Here's a link to Baz's profile on the LandSAR website

Unfortunately this autumn Baz tore his cruciate ligament, which will put us out for the season and the operation to repair the damage is estimated at $4000.

Even more unfortunately, I sustained a compound fracture of my tib/fib at the ankle joint while rock climbing in February this summer. So I have been on ACC for the past four months and am not earning anywhere near enough to cover the cost of the operation. As he still has at least four years of working life left, I'm trying to raise some money to help pay for Bazil's operation.

I would also love for Bazil to be able to be reunited with the people that have all been a part of his life.

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