Rescue pets: Saved from being shot

Last updated 05:00 18/06/2013

SAFE: Hudson's previous owner had tried to have him shot.

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My partner and I had been considering a dog for months, maybe a labrador or springer spaniel that would cost about $600. After a lot of pondering we decided to look for a rescue dog at the SPCA as this would save us money and we would be doing something worthwhile.

After a couple of visits to the SPCA, we still hadn't found what we thought we were looking for. Then I searched on Trade Me and found our mutt, Hudson.

Hudson's owners decided he was no longer needed so they took him to a farmer friend and asked for him to be shot. 

The farmer asked these people what the dog had done to deserve being put down and since no legitimate answer was given the farmer said he'd take the dog and try to find it a home. 

Later that day, he took the dog into the Helensville Vets and asked if they could find it a home. The dog seemed friendly and deserved a chance. Normally, these sorts of situations result in the dog going to the pound (not standing much of a chance) so the receptionist/vet nurse decided to take the dog home and advertise him on Trade Me. 

If it hadn't been for these people deciding he deserved a chance, we wouldn't have come across our lovely mutt, one who just needed some time and some love and much-needed care.

Hudson took a while to settle in and to this day he still doesn't understand how to fetch, and is still cautious of being around anything that resembles a broom/stick/umbrella which we are sure indicates that he was hit. 

Despite his initial distrust, he has finally given in and loved us back, knowing that we will never hit him, that we will always sneak him treats from the table (much to my partners annoyance) and that without a doubt we love him and he is a much-respected part of our family.

If you are reading this and are considering getting a pet, look for one that needs rescuing, they may take some time to settle in and trust you, but they will love you for giving them a chance.

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