Rescue pets: An unloved gentle giant

Last updated 05:00 20/02/2014
Tank the dog
DogGeek NZ
LOVING LIFE: Tank at the front with sister Stella behind.

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We had just purchased our first home.

While my partner Evan had previously talked about getting a Dogue de Bordeaux, I wanted to open our hearts and home to a rescue dog.

We then came across our new family member, Tank, a purebreed Dogue de Bordeaux that needed a new, loving home.

He came to us not knowing the simplest of commands, scared of loud voices and raised arms, super skinny with a bad yeast infection in his ears, entropion, a lump and needing three canines removed.

We took him to training, spent over $2000 on vet treatments and have put him on a healthy raw diet.

He has gained approximately 10kg since being with us and approximately 30kg since being rescued.

Despite what he has been through, he is a loving gentle giant.

He does have some small issues which are not his fault and we are working through these.

Rescuing can be hard work, but I definitely recommend it.

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